Technical Design (TD)

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Project frameworks

Information like appointments, contact details and addresses are stored in the project frameworks. This document is updated regularly and contains everything from planning to project budget and quality level. It is similar to a coat rack, only difference is that instead of clothing, information is hung.

Technical model

The general look and feel of the concept can be seen in the 3D visulalization of the Concept Design stage. However, more details are required to complete the next step in the process. We add further details to the model and inplement the exact products and materials that will be used. With this information present, we produce the required technical drawings.

“As a technical draftsman, I ensure that all details are recorded on the drawing. We don’t leave anything to chance. ”


Visual consultation

As more details are added in the technical drawings, we will update our 3d visualization to reflect them. The general look and feel will stay the same, only extra details will be updated. With this update we will further manage expectations of the end result.

Specification drawings

In the Technical Design stage we produce construction drawings for every aspect in the project. We cover areas such as floor, walls, ceilings, lighting installations, window coverings, wall finishes, furniture and plants. These construction drawings are more than enough information for sub contractors to base their bid on. The materials on these drawings are combined on a project specific material sample board. Combining this information offers us control on quality, budget and overall planning.

“GRIP created an attractive interior where the activities are buzzing.”

Peter van Heesewijk, Thales


During the technical design phase and bid process we keep close contact with our client and other parties involved. We need to ensure that all stakeholders have the necesary information from a drawing and that everyone has the same goal.

Now that all details are discussed and everyone is on the same page, the work can really start!

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