About grip

GRIP interior projects is a leading interior design agency based in the heart of the Netherlands. We are a flourishing and have achieved an impressive growth over the past years. Our goal is to maintain this growth and expand to 10 employees. We offer the complete scope in a project, from Concept Design till on site Construction Management.

Our clear approach involves customers in their project. The Concept Design provides a creative translation of needs and dreams while our Techical Design leaves nothing to the imagination in terms of planning, budget and quality. During the build we stay in control and guard quality as well as planning and costs. We are your partner from the first sketch up untill the first day in your new office. In short, we design turn key projects.

Proactive communication

We know what we are doing. As we are a team of specialists and can rely on each other. We tackle challenges by expressing them clearly and not running away from them. We achieve this by proactively communicating.

Balance between beautiful and functional

We believe in the balance between beautiful and functional. All our designs are unique because they are based on the specific needs of our clients. We define what you need and not only at the solutions that are requested. By listening to the experiences of our previous clients, we have an enormous amount of knowledge. That is why our customers trust us with their project.

“GRIP has advised and assisted us, from concept design to implementation. Quattri is therefore completely ready for the future!”

Franks van Elsland, Quattri Consultants

Quality, budget and planning

You need creativity to stand out from the crowd. Every solution we offer emerges from our creative freedom. We surprise our customers with unexpected solutions, materials and products. At the same time we are known to develop our designs with a firm base in budget and planning.

Unique approach

Due to our unique aproach and proven track record we are the talk of the town. We try to boost this further by online visibillty and the use of traditional media. We highy value our clients and try to make them ambassadors for futher reference. This method provides us with potential new contacts and interesting projects.

Sustainable relationships and growth

As we continue to build GRIP interior projects we choose for sustainable growth. For example, if we purchase a new asset quality comes before price. We invest in smart solutions and deepen our knowlegde to keep our company ready for the future.

Our goal is to build a sustainable and long relation with our customers. We share the benefits and setbacks. By being conservative in choices troughout the process we minimize risks.
If setbacks occur we will deal with them together and will find a way to make it work. With a positive approach we will look for opportunities and stay on the ball untill a problem is solved.
We owe our succes to vision statement, being autonomous and committed.

Together we make the world for our clients (and also for ourselves) a little better each day.

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