Our vision

We strongly believe that the right balance between functionality and design contribute to the sucess of an organisation. We offer indepent turn-key design and project management where user interests come first. We accommodate the complete process from first design till first day in your new office.

The Balanced Workplace goes beyond the trend

Fleeting trends are common in the world, but the desire for inspiring and comfortable workplaces always remains. We have call this “The Balanced Workplace”. It’s essential that tasks you fulfill are optimally supported. These various activities must correspond with the diversity of your workplace. Therefore our first step in creating a balanced design is to identify the needs of the user. Armed with this information we can offer a wide range of workplace solutions.

Open plan office, focus room , directors office, flex desks, call centers, scrum spaces are just a small range of ingredients that can be part of the right mix. It’s the balance that matters, having to much of a certain ingredient can disrupt this. As a result, a daily routines will change to a daily annoyance. There is no generic mix to suit all companies. Instead a tailor made solution provides the most optimal result.

Balance for today but also tomorrow

The world around us constantly changes. This will also require flexible workspaces. This flexibility can be accommodated by reorganizing workplace solutions within the organization. No expensive renovations, but a dynamic way to optimally support work activities in a constantly changing world.

In a ideal working environment, short telephone calls are no longer distracting a entire department, interim consultations remain brief and concise at a standing table and difficult tasks can be completed without any distraction in a focus room.

Independent turnkey partner

Major changes require sufficient attention. It is ideal for your organization if you do not have to worry about the design, finishing and other matters for an interior project so that they can focus on their core business. A renovation or relocation is already hectic enough. The turnkey approach of GRIP interior projects is a combination of an independent project manager, a specialist team that supports interior design, calculation and planning and a relationship without conflicting interests.

This is how we bring GRIP to your interior project.

“Please contact me and tell me what your questions are. I am happy to help you”

– Martin

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