Our approach

The perfect balance between design and functionality, is what GRIP interior projects aims to achieve in every interior we develop. We are not only focussed on the the end result but also on the processes that precedes it as well.

We strongly believe that the right balance between functionality and design contribute to the sucess of an organisation. Take the first step in your interior design process!

How can we help you?

WORKDayNAAquire knowledge into the unique needs within your organization with our digital employee survey
QuickScanGet answers to your questions about renovation, moving and interior
QuickDesignVisualize future-plans before planning the first meeting with tenants, management or project group

Start an interior project for your company!

Part of our strength lies in the combination between interior design, project management and construction supervision.

We like to help you with relocation or renovation plans.

“A suitable design needs proper information. We use an employee survey to get the wright informatie. I’m happy to assist you with that.”


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Martin van Engelenburg