Our approach

The perfect balance between design and functionality, this is what GRIP interior projects aims to achieve in every interior that we develop. We do not only focus on the the end result but also on the proces that precedes it. Part of our strength lies in the combination between design, project management and construction supervision.

Concept DesignTechnical DesignConstruction

Our approach combines creativity and “out of the box solutions” with control and in depth view on the inner workings of a project.
Each project has three stages: Concept Design (CD), Technical Design (TD) and Construction Management (CM). The CD and TD provide the foundation for budget and construction management.

Concept Design

Everything starts with the right information, during the Concept Design stage we define the framework for a visual appealing and suitable end result.


Vital information such as the amount of workspaces, required facilities and mission statement are recorded on just a single page. This page lays the groundwork for the creative process and general look and feel. With this information in hand we ensure that the design route has a firm base in the heart of your organization. At the same time we can monitor the effect of design choices on budget and planning.
We call our unique research method WORKDayNA.

Creative concept

After the initial research, we will start the Concept Design. We host creative sessions with our our team and various ideas are pitched. At the same time we divide available m2 to different needs for space and function on the existing layout. Also, the relationship between the various functions and departments influences this first step. We call this the preliminary floorplan. In order to verify that we are on the right track, we will usually discuss the plan with our client. In this way we ensure an optimal working environment.

“GRIP guided us very practically, from design choices to how the spaces are used; something that is very important. ”

Walter Wijdeven, HSO international

Collage & plans

A floor plan with only lines and areas leave much to the imagination. Therefore we create a collage to explain our ideas. Our moodboard contains images, materials and colors. We sequence the order in a way that almost every function is covered. In addition, proposals of furniture, floors and wall coverings are added. In combination with the floorplan, a clear digital overview is provided.


The floorplan and collage provide us with a clear understanding to visualise the concept. We will not create impossible solutions and keep technical limitations in mind. Actual construction drawings will be created in the next phase. As the model and floor plans can be difficult to understand, the concept is rendered in a 3D visualization clip. After the presentation, this clip will be made available online so that can be reviewed as many times as desired. In this way our customer knows exactly what can be achieved by implementing the design.


Although the collages, plans and the 3D visualization provide an extensive insight into the design, we are happy to present the road that leaded to this design. If necessary, we adjust the design based on received feedback. With this method we ensure a clear and widely supported design.

The Concept Design provides the foundation for a successful project. For the next step, the Technical Design, visual plans are converted in technical drawings.

“A good design can only come from the right information. We do this with an employee survey. I’m happy to help you with that. ”


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