• Glass walls between workplaces limit sound transmission and also ensure visual contact and visibility to be maintained.

Berenschot – Utrecht

The name Berenschot rings a bell with many people. This consultancy firm has a long history and proven track record in the area of research, consultancy and training. In 80 years Berenschot has grown to become a worldwide operating organization and has over 370 employees.

A new head office with excellent facilities for collaboration, meetings, assessment and training was a wish that recently came true for Berenschot. From the first concept up to technical drawings and from construction supervision to relocation, as well as on-site project management during the actual move, GRIP supervised and managed the whole process. The interior can be described as contemporary, spacious and equipped with all needs. At the same time, it stimulates different ways of co-creation and interaction. Color blocking on the walls and floors are inspired by the Life building itself on businesspark Papendorp. The unique color setting of blue-purple, ochre and dusky pink has it origin in the blue logo color, supplemented with variations of two primary colors. The materials that consist of textile-based textures is a reference to the industry where the founder of Berenschot created the basis for his consultancy firm.


Cooperation with GRIP and the suppliers, I’ve experienced as very pleasant and professional. My personal click with the GRIP manager was great.
We worked as a team, in which both trust and good cooperation are very important

Noortje Tienhooven, facility manager – 

Realistic expectations through 3D visualization.

The design is fully executed in 3D. For example, it is possible to move through the building before the first construction work has taken place. The interior design is determined on the basis of the images.


Hans van der Molen - Chairman of the Berenschot Group Executive Board: “GRIP interieurprojecten has performed excellent work for Berenschot by delivering our new high quality office on time and within budget. A good example of good cooperation, clear communication and the creativity to face unforeseen circumstances. Warmly recommended!” ”

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