Interior architect for your office

GRIP interior projects is the interior architect for your office and will provide you with the perfect balance between beauty and functionallity in your office. Working, project meetings with colleagues, getting a cup of coffee or nailing that presentation to your customers all contribute to that balance. The space where you work must stimulate and inspire. This is achieved by the layout, materials and chosen colors. As your interior architect we are tasked with all aspects on this topic. This includes shapes, materials, layout and also the use of various light types.

Interior design requirements

In an office we identify various ways of working, a good interior design supports these and the people that use them.
It is normal that these processes change over time and that with this the needs for your ideal working enviorment also differs. Sometimes changes meet ressistance, by identifying the source off this we can alter our design so that contributes to a positive working experience.

Creating the balance for today’s needs is only the beginning, to stay dynamic and finding the balance in changing circumstances gives real benefits. An organization that wants to respond to the changing needs of the market therefore regularly reviews its processes.

“Whether it is new construction or renovation of an office, I wish everyone GRIP on the project.”

Marleen Bosschart & Marieke Sanders, K3

Integral design

The purpose of an interior project is not to create an attractive business interior in itself. GRIP interior projects has a lot of experience in developing an integrated design in which design and functionality are balanced. This creates a design that contributes to daily processes and results. Behavior, environment and facilities are linked. Major change in a work environment on only one of these aspects is doomed to fail.

A renovation or re-location is busy enough on itself. it is therefore great if you can rely on a partner to guide you on the topics off design, finishing and materials. You dont have to worry about any technical details, we do this for you and provide you with turn-key solution if needed .

Interior designer office

Capturing details is an important link in the working method of GRIP Interior Projects. When coordinating the implementation, our project managers regularly check if everthing is proceeding as planned. By preventing any suprises, we stay on top of the process to minimize costs and delays.

Three phases

GRIP Interior Projects works in three phases. These are divided in the following steps: The Concept Design (CD); the Technical Design (TD) and the Construction Management (CB). Size and planning influence the presentation and approval of these. These approvals help to take every step consciously, so that every step is also one that moves forward.

Concept Design

Project management is only possible based on correct information. During the first discussions the transfer of information is crucial: organization chart, number of employees, the required facilities, desired appearance and usage requirements are topics to discuss. If desired, external information is also included, such as location, regulations and municipal frameworks.

All information is collected in the project administration. Appointments, contact person, current drawings, addresses and other information are stored here. This document is supplemented and amended when necessary. It is basiclly the foundation on which all information is build.

Technical Design

In the Technical Design stage we produce construction drawings for every aspect in the project. We cover areas such as floor, walls, ceilings, lighting installations, window coverings, wall finishes, furniture and plants. These construction drawings are more than enough information for sub contractors to base their bid on. The materials on these drawings are combined on a project specific material sample board. Combining this information offers us control on quality, budget and overall planning.

Construction Management

During the realization phase, there is a lot of information to be shared. This keeps control over planning, quality and budget. If desired, construction meetings on site are attended.


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