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Based on our construction drawings, quotations are requested. These bids are checked and compared by us. We take extra care to ensure that design and functionality stay on the quality level we expect. When needed we will adjust our construction drawings to optimize the budget and advise on various options. Important to note is that we stay independent at all times. Therefore orders from our client to sub contractors are direct, but we will always stay available for questions in a advisory role.

“During the realization, I ensure that everything is properly coordinated. As a project manager I monitor the planning, the budget and the quality. ”


Construction management

During the (re)build, the information flow will increase. We are experienced in this process and manage the flow in our project administration. This simple to read document is updated and expanded when needed. If requested by our client we will frequently visit site. In the role of project manager we will take the lead on site and act as a main point of contact during the build.


In the Concept Design stage initial costs are outlined. When the bids are placed and reviewed, we calculate the actual sum for a quick overview. During the build we carefully monitor them to stay within our set boundaries. Our approach focusses on limiting extra work by providing the sub contractors with a clear scope of works.


When it comes to planning, we start with the desired turn-key date and plan our way back to the present moment.
Important milestones are identified and included in our planning. We actively motivate the sub contractors to contribute their information to this planning in order to keep them committed.
This pro active communication metod identifies risks and allows for a swift reaction. As we can still alter the planning during the build we cannot deviate from the agreed turn-key date.

“Whether it is new construction or renovation of an office, I wish everyone GRIP on the project.”

Marleen Bosschart & Marieke Sanders, K3


As the build comes to a end, the last weeks involve many parts and people finishing up and getting ready for handover. Key is to maintain a overview of the situation as well as essential tasks that need to be completed. Based on the bid we evaluate if the work is up to standard and if certain points need to be improved. These points are marked in our online tool and are available for all stakeholders in the project. In this way we keep GRIP on the complete process. Starting in the concept design phase untill the turn-key date.

“During the project, I am actually your new colleague, one with a lot of experience to ensure that our interior project runs smoothly.


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