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An interior project does not only consists of office furnishing. Normally an interior design starts before the decision to renovate or re-locate. When re-locating, you will visit a lot off empty spaces. As not everyone is capable to see the possibillities of a space, it can be very difficult to make an well informed choice. How can you avoid missing out on a prime location? In the excitement on a upcoming property lease or purchase, the sky is often the limit. The selling party or landlord often raises expectations that in the long run might differ from the ones you are having. At GRIP we have extensive experience and can assist in this process to deliver a real turn key experience.

“GRIP guided us very practically, from design choices to how the spaces are used; something that is very important. ”

Walter Wijdeven, HSO international

GRIP interior projects specializes in office furnishings and everything related to it. We are happy to advise you from the start of the search and negotiations up until day of the move. This way we keep a grip on the balance between design and functionality in a new office from the first moment. Read more about our approach in 3 phases: Concept Design, Technical Design and Construction Management.

The difference between a beautiful or good interior design lies in the balance between design and functionality. The focus on only one of these aspects and the lack of a thoroughly tested foundation can cause a design to fail.

A conceptual foundation functions as a coat rack. Practical choices such as colors, materials and shapes can be distilled from this. Designs that lack this foundation can often be recognized by a strong hang towards trend colors and shapes.

In many organizations, a trend-based design is not desirable a these often don’t last for more than a year. When choosing this approach a large investment becomes obsolete quickly and the look and feel of the organization falls out of line with her goals. To counter this a design needs to be created that goes beyond the trend and matches the mision and vision statement of your organization.

During the period of move or renovation, things can be quite hectic.
As the planning comes to an end and the handover date loomes in the distance various parties are involved to apply finishing touches. at this time a extra pair of eyes and ears can be very usefull. Our project manager has extensive experience and in depth knowledge of your project and is therefore invalueble to monitor quality, planning and budget.

Don’t forget to include your employees in the process!

A renovation or move is never an goal in itself. An interior project is only successful if there is measurable improvement afterwards.
This improvement can be in the working atmosphere, results or productivity. In addition to interior design and construction supervision GRIP can also assist in change management also takes place.  

  1. Work rhythm
    It good to be aware when someone is in or out of office. in this way you can manage occupancy and pressure on your office facilities.
  2. Activities
    By mapping the activities, it is possible to determine which work environment best supports the needs. This can result in a variety of workplaces.
  3. Facilities
    Which facilities (such as printer, whiteboard, etc.) do you use every day? And which facilities would support you even better? These questions prevent the needs for those facilities from falling through the cracks.
  4. Experience
    Everyone has their own wishes, as its not possible to fufill them all it can be very valueble to use as inspiration to reflect the right look and feel.
  5. Opportunities and risks
    Know what’s going on. Change is exciting, so it is good to ask what opportunities and risks employees see. Responding to these results creates a situation where opinions are heard and change is easier to achieve.

Focusing on staff, method and resources, GRIP interior projects starts with research and uses this as a foundation for an appropriate interior design. Relying on our extensive experience we are able to take care of the entire process up until the first day in your new office. An integrated approach where change management plays a leading role design process.

“Please contact me and tell me what your questions are. I am happy to help you”

– Martin

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