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    The centrally placed cupboard in the executive office serves as a divider between the workplace and the meeting room. This space is tailored to the specific requirements and conditions of the work.

Contemporary departure point for international transport

A timeless design with robust elements and a slight hint for chic was the assignment with which GRIP started working for Van Heugten Transport. In addition, the emphasis was on acoustics and a transparent layout of the office building. The activities of Van Heugten, where the routes and activities of their international transports are closely followed, ensure a lot of interaction and therefore demand optimal acoustics. The architectural design available showed a layout with corridors and doors. This was transformed by GRIP into a more open format. The core with wardrobe, washrooms and waiting area was used as a natural separation between different departments, creating the right workplace for every activity.



“A timeless design with robust elements and a slight appetite for chic.”
– Gijs and Saskia van den Broek, respectively director and HR consultant –

Management office

A walnut wood look was chosen for the finishing of the management office. As the office functions a both workplace and meeting room, a glass wall and lockers are used to separate these functions. The office also offers a view over the spacious parking lot that is the starting point for many international transports.

Concept Design and 3D Visualization.

At the end of the first phase, the Concept Design, the drawn floor plan and the collage together become the starting point for visualizing the whole. We present the digital model and technical drawing in 3D images. We make the film available online, so that it can be viewed as often as desired. This way Gijs and Saskia knew exactly what to expect.

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