• The work café facilitates in different ways of working and relaxing. Due to openness and transparency, the renovated space is suitable for large gatherings that are known to Thales under the name of townhall meetings.

Thales – Eindhoven

From lunchroom to work café

GRIP Interior projects seized the oppertunity to turn the outdated lunchroom of Thales in a contemporary work café with both hands. The smoking area and the monotonous tables and chairs made room for an attractive space in which various activities are carried out. A space that was rarely used was turned into a bustling meeting place.

We have chosen the corporate colors; dark and medium blue. These are reflected in many elements and are combined with a light wood color for the table tops and the floor. A dark color for the lighting fixtures and the bases of the tables was added. The round custom-made sofas break through the angularity of the space and communicate a welcome gesture with their open shape. The plants, (that are part of the custom benches), provide space for an oasis of green plants. The color green can be found on the wall near the kitchen. The suggestion of a living green wall was closely approximated with a wall-filling image. The diversity of seating options offer various solutions, from a formal lunch to a quick bite.

“A good example of our new working environment is the work café. Previously it was just a canteen, now it’s buzzing all day there.”
– Hein Drucks

Also for the daily Lunch.

Plectere, a design by Petra Vonk, who graduated from the Design Academy in Eindhoven in 1990, was used to create semi-closed corners in the space. It is a nice addition, partly due to the texture of the material and the associated acoustic properties. For the finishing of the floor, a PVC floor was chosen that is used in the entire room. The strips were laid in a herringbone pattern, which gives the floor a classic yet contemporary look. A football table provides the necessary relaxation and competition. Of course, the space still facilitates in what it was previously suitable for; the daily lunch. The following pages show the end result.

Clear expectations through 3D visualization.

The design is fully elaborated in 3D. For example, it is possible to move through the building before the first work has taken place. The interior design is determined on the basis of the images.

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