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    The separate office spaces are fitted with glass walls. These glass walls provide a view of the atrium.

Novo Nordisk – Alphen aan den Rijn

Long history, modern company

In November 2019, the new Dutch office of Novo Nordisk was opened in Alphen aan den Rijn. Novo Nordisk is a globally established pharmaceutical manufacturer with a history in Denmark dating back to the early 1900s. GRIP was chosen for functional design, design and construction coordination of the realization.

Confidentiality is key

Due to the confidential nature of the core activities and the fact that there is a lot of internal consultation, the layout of Novo Nordisk clearly required a “closed office concept”. So no open-plan offices, but not only closed office and consultation areas, the wish for a transparent working environment was also present. Our closed oak cabinets are a good example of the way in which both wishes were met: the cabinets function as closed elements in the predominantly transparent walls. In this way, a spatial effect was achieved and it was also ensured that the often confidential work can take place undisturbed. These elements also offer storage space or other supporting facilities, which can be flexibly arranged depending on use or function.

Clear expectations through 3D visualization.

The design is fully elaborated in 3D. For example, it is possible to move through the building before the first work has taken place. The interior design is determined on the basis of the images.


The separate office spaces are fitted with glass walls. These glass walls provide a view of the atrium. The glass walls are partly provided with images to prevent viewing and to guarantee privacy to some extent, due to the many confidential activities that take place. To encourage multifunctional use of the pantries, they are equipped with screens.

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