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    Bionext in Ede functions as a link between Dutch organic chains; from farmer to consumer. For their current housing, in a monumental building on the site of the former military barracks "Friso: in Ede, GRIP brought elements from their field of action back.

Bionext – Ede

A home for all projects

Realizing a home for employees on very diverse projects was the challenge that GRIP took on behalf of client Bionext. Bionext acts as a link between Dutch organic chains; from farmer to consumer.

Monumental building

In a monumental building on the site of the former Friso barracks in Ede, GRIP brought back elements from the field. A greenhouse has been built – with a flexible partition wall – that serves as a meeting room, the colors used and wall-filling images are inspired by arable farming and livestock farming.The interior has been created with respect and attention to the surrounding landscape and the shared courtyard. The solutions and ideas proposed by GRIP are in line with the vision statement of the organization. The focus place in the form of a house in a simple material is an example of this, but also the office furniture and the library that were realized as a solution for the large amount of reference work. The library also serves as a reception area and that multifunctional approach also fits well with the organization. In addition, GRIP emphasized the character and construction of the monumental building; secondary windows were installed to preserve the characteristic window frames.We were able to maintain the original (ridge) height by using ceiling panels for acoustics and office lighting. The existing walls were maintained and created a scenic landscape; a new landscape appears, after each wall.

Clear expectations through 3D visualization.

The design is fully elaborated in 3D. For example, it is possible to move through the building before the first work has taken place. The interior design is determined on the basis of the images.


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