Interior designer for your office

The optimal balance between a beautiful and functional workplace is realized by GRIP, interior designer for your office. Working together, meeting, meeting colleagues in the coffee corner or presenting to your customers. The spaces in which people work must be stimulating and inspiring experience. The general layout, materials and colors are off great influence. An interior designer takes care of all pre-requisites to achieve this.

Interior designer for the office with an eye for balance

As interior designer for your office, we take the balance between various work options into account. The right relationship between these ways of working must be set up so that the employees and the processes are supported. Because processes change, we also know that the need within a workplace might change. Most changes encounter resistance along the way, this is a natural process and not uncommon. To be able to overcome this, the best way would be to analyze the current situation and remove any disturbing factors. Providing your team with todays needs is only the begining as staying dynamic and in balance provides the real benefits in the long term. Any orgization that responds to the changing needs of the market therefore regularly reviews her internal processes.

Contribute to results

The goal of a good interior design is not to create a attractive interior, it is to intergrate the balance between design and functionallity. At GRIP interior projects we have extensive experience in doing just that. When a design contributes to daily processes and results aspects such as behaviour, enviorment and general facillities are linked and supported.

Project management

Wouldn’t it be great if you dont have to worry a design, materials and technical aspetcs of your interior project? On its own a renovation or re-location of your working environment is busy enough. As the interior architect for your office GRIP is more then qualified to guide you along the way. When creating a concept design, it is important that you are not limited by technical details. In this stage, the function and design are key. When the design itself has been developed, we will work out the all technical aspects that are needed. After this stage we can asist you and the sub-contracters on site and take the lead during the implemation of your project. We believe that to prevent is better than to cure, so we will always think a step ahead in the process.

“GRIP has advised and assisted us, from concept design to implementation. Quattri is therefore completely ready for the future!”

Franks van Elsland, Quattri Consultants

Stronger together

At GRIP, we have team that has many talents and extensive experience. For each project we create the right mix of people to support our client. Our interior architect monitors the entire process during the concept and technical design phase. He is also involved during the implementation, but then leaves the lead to our dedicated project manager. During the creative design phase, our conceptual designer takes free reign to create a unique and inspiring view to fit your company. Our technical draftsmen captures these ideas in a digital 3D model and checks for feasibility. Due to this collaboration we can offer striking and attractive projects where design and function go hand in hand. Additional benefit of a project team is that there is always someone available to answer questions or take quick action.

“You can send a message, but calling is faster! You can reach me or my colleagues on +31 318 23 73 96 ”



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