Interior design for the office

Worrying about the interior design for your office could be time consuming and frustrating. At GRIP we have made it our mission to help our customers with the whole process from the preliminary concept design till your first day in your new office. We will assist you in choices regarding layout, materials and technical details. Sometimes you have to deal with a situation how it presents itself. It might happen that your current location is to small to support your needs but that your lease contract has not ended yet. In this situation it can be difficult to place your investments and to judge if they have the effect thats desired.

Interior design for office to protect investment

Creating an interior design for your office seems unnecessary if an interior project is not planned in the direct future. However, it can provide insights that can be applied immediately. In this way large investments such as new furniture will be sustainable for the future.

It is help-full to check if your interior concept needs to be changed on short term, especially when an investment has not been amortized yet. With our Concept Design to act as a design guideline we offer a clear view on future needs. In this way you keep GRIP on your investment.

“The interior design of GRIP gave us an office with more interaction and yet optimal acoustics”

Gijs en Saskia van den Broek, Van Heugten Transport

Remove or renovate?

The search for an ideal property to buy or rent can be intense enough on itself. Normally, interior design and project management are of later concern. During an office move or renovation a lot off different disciplines come together. Due to the fact that every organization is different it is important to work along a tailor-made step by step plan. In this way you stay in control along the course of a project. Starting from the first design meeting up to your first day in the new office. Where to start and on which information should you base your discussions? We have 3 steps to let you have a GRIP on this.

Functional needs at a glance

Based on an existing situation, it is easy to identify the need for workplaces, meeting rooms and other facilities. A move or renovation is the perfect time to make improvements, all the information that is neededfor support will be bundled in a comprehensive list.

Visualize spatial needs

With the various elements drawn up as blocks, the foundation is laid. We will define the need that each function has for space in square meters. Based on this we can create a calculation with a strong base.

Fitting the needs to the building

How do you find out whether a specific building meets your needs? The data from from our analyses offer a guide in the search for the ideal property. When a potential chance presents itself, the information of this analysis will be projected onto the floor plan to check if the building suits these needs.

It is great if a building meets the spatial needs of an orgization.
As this is only the beginning of the process it does lays the ground work for all other steps in the process. Finding a good match avoids uneccersary investments to compensate a wrong one. With our spatial program of requirements we give you GRIP on the choices to be made in a early stage. A good start is half the battle!


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