Construction management

Provide construction management for a newly designed office space. Blind panic can strike when the unlimited possibilities of a newly designed office space permeate. Which steps should you take to convert ‘(fear’ into a ‘airframe chance’?

Construction management with turnkey

With construction management you can ensure that a project runs smoothly. For many people it is difficult to imagine the possibilities that an empty, shell, space has to offer. In addition, the first primary issues such as installations and walls are missing. Why would you take up such a challenge? Prefer a turnkey office, where everything is arranged.

Many people already lack ears and eyes in daily life. When a move or renovation presents itself, that shortage only increases. The pressure of a business interior project only becomes visible when the whole has to be realized. Below are four tips on how to ensure that an interior design for the office runs smoothly.

  1. A good start is half the battle
    Think about the questions that may arise and provide complete answers. This way it runs smoothly because the professional does not have to ask obvious control questions. Want to be specific? Provide details on the drawing.
  2. Think ahead
    The planning already shows what work will be done. A building consultation is not to put out fires, but to move forward and coordinate details. So plan building consultations regularly.
  3. Work in a project team
    Clearly assign tasks to people. When everyone thinks someone else fulfill a task it, there is a good chance that nobody will do it in the end.
  4. Invest in experience
    Experience provides foresight. By investing in a project manager, who provides construction supervision, you significantly reduce the risk of failure costs. That is worth a lot! Therefore, ensure good construction supervision.

GRIP interior projects keeps your project under control, from initial Concept Design to (interior) construction management.

“GRIP guided us very practically, from design choices to how the spaces are used; something that is very important. ”

Walter Wijdeven, HSO international

“A suitable design needs proper information. We use an employee survey to get the wright informatie. I’m happy to assist you with that.”


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