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In every interior that is developed for a client, GRIP interior projects strives for a perfect balance between design and functionality. During the Concept Design we go through the steps that lead to a suitable and visual end result. Everything starts based on the right information.


Information such as organization chart, number of employees, required facilities, desired appearance and requirements, we record on one clear page. This is the result of our unique research method called WORKDayNA. Planning, budget and quality have a lot of influence on the project and design, therefore the frameworks and priorities are discussed together.

Creative concept

We will get to work based on the information we have collected. Various ideas are presented during a creative session. We incorporate these ideas into the next steps that are taken. We divide the different needs for spaces and functions about the available number of m2. We call this a spot plan. Sometimes we choose to discuss the spot plan with the client. This way we can check whether we are on the right track. We determine the positions depending on the relationship between the functions. This way we create an optimal working environment.

“GRIP guided us very practically, from design choices to how the spaces are used; something that is very important. ”

Walter Wijdeven, HSO international

Collage & Plans

A map with lines and spots leaves much to the imagination. We explain which ideas we have based on images, materials and colors. We build our collages in such a way that almost all subjects are highlighted. We provide examples of furniture, floors, walls and colors. Everything is possible on paper, that’s why we sketch the map first on paper. Before they are shown, we convert them into clear digital maps.


The drawn floor plan and the collage together form the starting point to visualize the whole. We do not draw things that are not possible, but we also don’t add any technical details in this phase. Our digital model and technical drawing are not easy for everyone to understand. That is why we present these in a 3D visualization. We make the film available online so that it can be viewed as often as desired. In this way the client knows exactly what he or she can expect.


Although the collages, plans and a 3D visualization provide an extensive insight into the design, we are happy to explain on the base of which knowledge the proposal has come about. If necessary, we adjust the presentation so that the desired result is visually established. This way the end result is clear to everyone.

“As a conceptual designer, I lay the creative foundation for your interior design.”


This Concept Design has laid the foundation for a successful project. In the next step, the Technical Design, the visual plans are converted to technical drawings.

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