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Business interior and culture

Your business interior reflects on the culture in your company. GRIP Interior Projects has proven experience in developing integrated plans where design and functionality are balanced. These plans contribute to daily processes and better results. Combined with a realistisc 3D visualization you will get a clear impression of your future working space.

Balance in your business

The balance in your business interior between the various working methods and people is a sensitive one. Taking the fact into account that processes might change, we also know that this balance sometimes is distured and needs to be re-adjusted.

verhuizing kantoor of bedrijf

Unique and distinctive

Every organization has a unique way of working. Your working enviorment should support this. In addition, there is a need to be distinctive from competitors. Various sectors struggle to find and retain the right staff. A pleasant workplace makes the difference in this matter.

By defining the requirements off your company and by analyzing your unique way off working we generate valuable data. This data is the foundation for the choices that we make to create balance between working method, facillities and environment. Based on this we define our next steps. To be inspired by comparable organizations is very useful, but its important to realize that an effective workplace concept is tailor-made to your needs.

Budget, quality and planning

When choosing GRIP as your interior architect you will simultainiously link budget quality and planning. We will make sure that these pre-requisites are constantly monitored as they are vital for to achieve a realistic design. We provide an overview by setting a realistic budget and planning. These frameworks help us to asses risks and identify any problems that we might come across in the duration of the project. If delays occur, we early adept and minimize costs.

Coordinate and monitor

To get everyone on the same page, you will need a coordinator. Someone who directs, controls and directs all involved stakeholders. A clear point of contact and visible person with final responsibility and clear communication are vital in this.

As your interior desiger, GRIP Interior Projects is that point of contact, we are independent and do not supply products. We monitor the quality starting at the first 3D design up to and including your first day in a new building or renovated environment.

“A suitable design needs proper information. We use an employee survey to get the wright informatie. I’m happy to assist you with that.”


GRIP on your interior project!

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